Mayweather Vs McGregor

So it is now the main event, Here’s my quick assessment:

  1. Can Conor land? – I don’t know how Conor McGregor could possibly land a shot to Mayweather’s elusive head and should roll movements. Not even the most elite boxer could fully hit Floyd’s head except perhaps Mosley but even so, Mosley wasn’t truly able to capitalize. Maidana and Cotto were able to rough up Floyd but they were not able to floor him. Not even the punching dynamo Manny Pacquiao (though he was past his prime) could able to truly land flat clean.
  2. Can Conor endure 12 rounds? – Conor as an MMA fighter no matter how elite has only been tested with a full 5 rounds. 7 more rounds is a foreign territory for the UFC champion. Imagine getting tagged and hit at will by Floyd. Hatton fell after a volume of punches from Floyd. Even if Floyd is already devoid of knockout power, the volume is enough to wear Conor down eventually.

Does Conor have a chance? He does have a chance. Remember what he said? “Precision beats power, timing beats speed!”


UPDATE: Were in round 3 and the most significant thing that happened is the HAMMERFIST from Conor!! Conor seems to be frustrating Floyd. Obviously being an MMA fighter with a karate stance in his UFC fights, Conor is out of the box unorthodox that seems awkward for Floyd.

UPDATE: Round 5 Conor is gassed!

UPDATE: Round 8 – Conor getting a few good shots but is getting tagged cleanly by Floyd.

UPDATE Round 9 – Conor is getting peppered and he is gassed. I’m not sure if he can reach round 11 or 12.

UPDATE Round 10 – Floyd won by TKO though he did not floored Conor. Conor has no gas beyond 25 minutes.

Conclusion: Both are winners because they are walking out with multi-million dollars.

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