Collateral Damage Is Too Much Damage

Yes, I understand the war on drugs and the war on terror. However, the war on drugs is having too much collateral damage (innocent lives lost) than the war on terror this year alone. EJK* plus collateral damage is more than disturbing and the government should urgently do something about it.

If they can’t curb or control the two at the same time, at least they should do something about collateral damage first. If we are troubled with the CHR** protesting the death of criminals, we should bring in the noise too for every innocent lives lost. The latest innocent life is that of Althea, a 4 year old child snuffed out and will forever be labelled as “collateral damage.”

If indeed Alrick (the alleged criminal) despicably used his daughter as shield, the police should have exercised restraint even if the criminal father could escape. They could always catch or shoot it out again (if he shoots first) with Alrick another day but the life of an innocent 4 year old taken away is forever lost.

This 4 year old has the right to live a life that is protected by the laws of men. Yes, this is a war on drugs but this kind of war is not the kind where cities are being held captive by secessionists that military forces must duke it out with.

This is not a war of aggression where countries, cities or regions battle for control and innocent lives are sometimes caught in the crossfire. We are outraged by forces bombing buildings (intentional or unintentional) that turns out to shelter innocent men, women and children.

In the case of the 4 year old Althea, I believe she was still in plain sight as she was seated in front of her father on a motorcycle according to the report. The child is now dead for the sins of the father? Every collateral damage from this war on drugs will only hurt the cause of our president and empower his enemies even more.

Most of all, these innocent lives lost were a part of this nation whom our beloved president profess to love even if he be damned to hell for loving it so much to a fault. I voted for our president Digong because I could see and feel his fiery love for this country. That doesn’t mean I will blatantly overlook the blunders.

The blunders or lapses needs to be addressed and if it has to start with awareness then this is a small start on my part. An awareness is what I hope for especially to my fellow countrymen who voted for tatay Digong.

Not to undermine but to remind tay Digong and his administration to do what is right within the bounds of the constitution and conscience. We are not mindless zombies and retards. I believe most of us (who voted for Duterte) are thinking voters armed with intellect, compassion and conscience.

Even if we (voters of Duterte) also have unbridled hatred for the criminals, at least we do not ignore the injustices committed on the innocent “collateral.” We can always rejoice in the success of our president’s drive for nationwide reformation but the lives of the innocent wasted should be treated with regret and reflection.

To our beloved president and tatay Digong, may the Lord give you wisdom and protection in these troubled times. May your cabinet members truly be guided with the rule of law and the wisdom from above.

May our military and police forces be protected from corruption and guided by the laws of the land, conscience and wisdom from above. May all the criminals see true justice but also a touch from God that their hearts may be reborn and reformed where prison sentences or rehabilitation centres fail to do so.

May our nation the Philippines rise up from these utter madness, drug epidemic and corruption. May we citizens of this nation live a life that is good, prosperous and peaceful with each other regardless of tribe, region, faith (or lack thereof), gender, age and status.

To the latest “collateral damage” Althea Fhem Barbon, may her name be not forgotten. Your life is not a property of this country but a citizen of this nation. I hope her name and the name of other collateral damaged and EJK victims be a constant reminder to our conscience. In reality, collateral damage is too much damage.


*Extra-Judicial Killing **Commission on Human Rights

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