Why I’m still not voting for Manny Pacquiao in the Senate

Most of the people from both side of the fence have moved on with their lives except for a few angry poster punching LGBT’s and Nike burning zealots. I, myself, wanted to move on. But there were still hooks latching on my back that needs to be untangled before I can finally dust it off my feet. This is for the folks who were questioning me like why I’m not voting for Manny in the Senate; whether I’m being a true Christian for not voting for a godly man; who is then more qualified for the senatorial post if I’m not voting for him; Manny Manny Manny…. Okay, I believe you get the picture.

“Money, money, money
Must be funny
In the rich man’s world
Money, money, money
Always sunny
In the rich man’s world
All the things I could do
If I had a little money
It’s a rich man’s world”
– “Money Money Money” by ABBA

Why I’m not voting for Manny into the Senate? I’ll make the answer as simple as possible… Nah, here goes:

  1. Manny needs to learn more about the constitution and how the law of the land works. Not just knowing or memorizing bills of rights, article numbers, etc. But really… wait for it… here’s the shout before the superhero landing: HOW THE LAW WORKS FOR THE PEOPLE AND BE WISE ENOUGH TO NAVIGATE THROUGH THE ISSUES; LISTENS TO THE PEOPLE; AUTHOR A LAW FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE PEOPLE OF THE REPUBLIC OF THE PHILIPPINES AND DEFEND THAT LAW FROM SCRUTINY TO THE TEETH IN THE COMMITTEE MORE THAN TWICE. IF IT GETS REJECTED, REPEAT FROM THE START AND REVISE TILL IT GETS PASSED. BOOM! Caps lock para intense! Seriously, I’m not raving mad… just making an “Iron Man landing”. Being a senator is not like Miss Universe where you’re just advocating a good cause simply by having that prestigious title and having your face plastered in the cover of famous magazines. Well, I believe Manny is capable of learning but…
  2. Manny is all over the place like crazy (not mentally insane you faultfinder  LOL). In short, he’s too busy. How on earth can he study for the legislative rigmarole abracadabra if he’s mentally and physically absent? The past is supposed to be a good indicator of the future so when you have a guy with only 4 congressional attendance in 2015 (a record!), the future look so…                  (blank)
  3. Imagine Manny in a Senate hearing in place of the fiery, wit blazing Senator Miriam Santiago. Not only will a senator be able to author and defend the laws they propose, they themselves should know how to drill a hole with their investigations against the corrupt, the incompetent, and the ridiculous (hence they quarrel a lot with each other). However, (next number please)…
  4. Manny is a called preacher and how he brings himself is truly that of a Christian preacher and evangelist. Some folks are telling me that we need a God-fearing, bible-believing Christian in the Senate. You know what, I don’t have a problem with that. Yes, having a Christian with integrity in the Senate is not a bad thing. However, being a senator means he has to consider and take good care of all the rights of the people that includes the Religious, the Lumads, LGBT’s, Polytheists, Atheists, Hedonists, Cosplayers, Comedians, and so on. It’s no longer about the Christian interest but the interest of the entire people of the Republic of the Philippines. But…. (next number)
  5. For those who are insisting that Manny should not compromise to the ways of the world, then the Senate seat (the whole Philippine politics actually) is not for him. Politics is a world of moral complexities where you sometimes present yourself a saint to the masses but you “dirty” your hands at times for the greater good. The “dirtying” of your hands is also a prime target for opponents to roast you and condemn you to a wheelchair and house arrest. Your greater good for some may turn out to be “very bad” for others. That is why… (next number)
  6. You can’t bleach a mud hole of a carabao (water buffalo) into white as snow. There are cases (not all) where a preacher or a pastor ran for office with a noble intent of changing the political system. Instead of changing the political atmosphere with a clean free air, they ended up suffocated and their Christian integrity died. Some are selling bottled air instead for a price and making a great merchandise out of it while the atmosphere remains as polluted as ever. Like I said, Manny is a preacher (and among other things) but not for the Senate. Even if he becomes a senator, I wonder if he will function as one. So my conclusion is… (next and last number)
  7. Manny is too good for politics and I mean he really has a good heart for the poor and the rest of us. I believe Manny might end up smeared (he already has a bad record as a politician) even more and he already got in trouble with his recent statements as a candidate, what more when he becomes a senator.

Personally, I don’t want Manny’s failures eclipsing his legendary achievements in the sports of boxing and especially his humanitarian aid to the poor that he has been championing for years. The eyes of the media are as fickle as the wind and all it takes is just one mistake for our boxing hero to be labeled as a disgrace which is outrageously unfair for Manny. It doesn’t help that our Pambansang Kamao doesn’t know much about legislation which will only make him vulnerable to mistakes and errors.

One mistake already caused him Nike and a sizeable chunk of the world against him. What more if he makes more. But, then again, even if the whole world is against him, Manny is strong in faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and I pray he will remain so and just leave the politics into the hands of the corrupt, the incompetent and the ridiculous… Joke! Seriously, just leave politics into the hands of those who are less corrupt (come on, nobody’s perfect), more competent (better than the less competent and knows the law), certainly not the ridiculous (paging **) and has a strong political will.


This is already a long article (simple but I didn’t say concise) and addressing the other questions will only make this a super duper long article. I will address the next question (or two) that I would really love to answer in my next article: Am I following Christ’s footsteps for not voting Manny and Am I 100% or a 50% Christian?



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  1. Nakakainis yang Manny Pacquiao na yan! Grabe magsalita against sa LGBT! Hindi siya bagay maging senado at magaling lang siya sa boxing! Dapat sa boxing lang siya! Please approve this comment! Not everyone likes him! At dapat hindi niya sinuportahan ang Letran fans kasi grabe yung ginawa nila dati nung naging champion sila nung NCAA Season 91! Hindi naman kailangan magsunog ng flag o kung ano pa… Ang sasama ng ugali na pinapakita nila! Please approve this comment para may comment ka na dito… Parang awa mo na… Impeach Pacquiao!

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